I keep having these little moments today when I realize I could be dying right now and have no idea. 

This happens to other people right?

Would it amuse you guys to know that sometimes when I’m alone in my room and I see one of my favorite actresses online I yell “don’t you touch me with that perfect, I’ll never be the same”

I would care about all the people bitching that The Fault In Our Stars is going to be pretentious if I hadn’t read the book and know that Gus is pretentious on absolute purpose and that his whole character arc is basically about that.

Nuh-uh don’t even try your show needs beta readers it is FACT

Those are the two things the tv community could benefit from, write-aheads and beta readers

I have homework to do but my head hurts and I just am feeling like not doing anything like idk sometimes I just want to cry for no reason or sleep forever or idk something like that

It’s so weird to think about but I really don’t have anybody that I consider a best friend and I don’t really have that many close friends either, I don’t know just like…. I don’t have a gang like they did in friends our how I met your mother and I feel like that’s a thing I want to have. 

And now I have to try and find a room mate for next year maybe and idk like I never thought I’d ever say I wanted a girlfriend or boyfriend again but if I could just have me soul mate and no longer have to worry about any of this that would be fantastic????

Humans are such wonderful creatures just look at us not only do we love each other but we love when people who are not us love each other and we love when love exists and when love happens whether its between ourselves or not and like omg just humans love love so much all right so why do we do such horrible things to each other?


jemma wearing a black leather jacket




Everyone who’s in to the ladies just died.

We salute you black outfit and all that you have gifted us with.

Gimme science biker fic or give me death

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Sometimes I feel bad cause I’m like, obnoxious on purpose sometimes like as a form of expression and I never mean it like I’m never actually serious when I dramatically sigh at something but not everyone knows that and I think I might alienate people and I need to stop being obnoxious on purpose

I made an about me page!

it’s dorky but it has my face on it so…