It’s really hard to publish a book and write a different one at the same time

I was looking for kittens yesterday because I hope to get a big house and have lots of cats but the point is I found three sibling kittens that look EXACTLY LIKE FITZSKIMMONS

I’m not even screwing with you I could get these three tabby cats and literally name them Fitz, Skye, and Simmons and you would be able to tell which was which without me telling you it was that fabulous.




Self Control

Simmons has special skills in the orgasm department, but what happens when she meets Skye and they accidentally turn against her?

Skimmons Smutty fic!

(I apologize in advance I’m totally sick and i have no idea how good this fic is)

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If I’m ever freaking out in front of you play Vivaldi’s Gloria in excelsis deo and make me count the beats

I will calm down almost immediately

I’ve been really worried lately that I’m really really sick but I don’t want to go to the health center down here because I have no one to go with and yeah basically I’m going to die because I can’t get home in time to see my actual doctor.



Ready for battle

Those badgers better look out.



Ready for battle

Those badgers better look out.

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I’m just like so spacey right now and I feel like I can’t latch on to any one thing and focus  on it and another chapter of Pressed is due today and like I just don’t know how I’m going to do it I feel like I can’t even sit down and think about it cause I’m just all over the place.

Not to mention it’s a weird chapter and I just don’t know if I’ve got Claire’s voice in me right now and I don’t like that I feel really separate from the narrative AAAAAAUGH

FYI For all of you who love me

I’m going to be in Portland in a few weeks….

And I’m going to need a few helping hands….

(I’m sorry I think I’m funny)

Anyway I need some assistance making the cover for my book and if you want to be in it you should like message me or something!

*thanks for the heart attack plays to the tune of thanks for the memories*

oh fuck I just cracked myself the fuck up holy shit I need to not have panic attacks at 3 am it’s only 10:30 and I’m already to that stage of sleep deprived that is dangerous!

(skimmons is ruining me Skye is ruining me pls someone get this girl to my room asap)